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NetLync Featured on Rethink Podcast: Exploring Cloudification and Entitlements

NetLync's CEO Emir Aboulhosn joins Rethink/Wireless Watch's podcast to discuss Entitlements, Cloudification, and mobile industry trends. Discover the story behind our pioneering efforts and learn about the often-overlooked operator-smartphone stack.


NetLync is thrilled to be featured on the Rethink/Wireless Watch podcast! In this insightful conversation, our CEO Emir Aboulhosn and Rethink's senior analyst Alex Davies discussed a range of the most pressing topics in the mobile industry, including entitlement technology, cloudification and "as-a-Service" models, and other key mobile industry trends.


Additionally, Emir shared his extensive background and the story behind NetLync's pioneering efforts. We are proud to be the world's first and only company dedicated exclusively to developing and delivering entitlement services for both MNOs and MVNOs.

One key point highlighted in our discussion is the often-overlooked segment of the operator-smartphone stack related to entitlements. It has significant impact on operator spending due to the rapid increase in connected devices, the surge in MVNO launches, and the overlap between eSIM technology and Entitlement services. This is especially pertinent as the broader operator workflows undergo substantial changes due to cloud adoption.

We invite you to listen to the podcast episode embedded below to gain a deeper understanding of these topics.


To learn more about NetLync's Entitlements-as-a-Service®, feel free to arrange an introductory tour with us.


About NetLync

NetLync, led by a dedicated team of telecom industry experts, collaborates closely with OEMs, successfully launching Entitlement-as-a-Service that get MNOs and MVNOs up and running with enhanced cellular features at little cost. Headquartered in Dublin, with offices in London and Vancouver, NetLync addresses challenges faced by carriers and OEMs, preparing for the upcoming era of digital acquisition and onboarding. 

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