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A World First


Drive the best customer experience through our revolutionary PaaS-based Entitlements solution, which gets you up and running within weeks, and all at little cost! 

NetLync has announced its partnership with Giesecke+Devrient.

A Brand New Approach


Gain access to enhanced OEM features, upgrades your customer's mobile experience while increasing revenue. With Entitlements, you a can manage features such as eSIM, 5G, VoWiFi, VoLTE, personal hotspot and more.

Better manage network services and decrease customer churn by pairing devices and smart watches.

You can't start your Digital Transformation without Device Entitlements.



Supports iOS and Android

NetLync’s solution supports all the entitlement use cases you need; including Baseline, Phone Number Registration, VoLTE, VoWiFi, Wearables and eSIM Quick Transfer. We ensure that use cases are always up to date as they are released by the OEMs.

Supported Entitlement Features:

Five Reasons NetLync is Different


Ready for New Use Cases

Our solution was built with extensibility at its heart.

When new use cases are introduced by the OEM, they automatically appear in the library on the developer portal for your developers to implement against.

Because of the success of entitlements to date in providing a great customer experience, OEMs will be introducing more and more use cases to support their product roadmap going forward. Apple’s eSIM Quick Transfer is a great example.

The problem with many existing ES solutions is that as these new use cases come along, it’s challenging to get them added – with cost and time being major factors … and usually a formal project team has to be set up each and every time.

So, we decided to solve this problem by building use case extensibility at its heart:
As soon as new use cases are identified, we build them into the core of our platform. And from there, they’re immediately made available to all our carrier customers. You don’t have to do anything – they simply appear as new items in the use case library on the developer portal.

From that point on, your developers just repeat what they did before, building and testing any new APIs required.

And even here, we’ve been clever… we’ve deliberately designed each API to be as reusable as possible… to limit the effort on your side.

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Fast Deployment

Our Entitlements as a Service (EaaS) approach to entitlements makes it as fast and as easy as possible for you to get up and running.

Most customers launch within 4-6 weeks.

We’re fundamentally changing the way Entitlements works.

The traditional approach over the last decade, where you buy and manage servers in your datacentre, can take months if not years to organise.

We’re replacing that model with an extremely lightweight Entitlements as a Service (EaaS) one.

Our ES platform, which runs in the cloud is operational right now and services the needs of any number of carriers worldwide. We can easily scale that platform to cope with all the device traffic.

This EaaS-based approach dramatically reduces carrier onboarding time and complexity, providing much faster deployment of service.

Most carriers who sign up were able to implement and test all the APIs required within 4-6 weeks.

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Self-service, Developer-led

Our self-service, developer-led approach to entitlements allows your developers to get started today, working at their own speed.

You don’t sign up commercially until you’re happy the solution is right for you.

We’ve introduced a very important evolution to Entitlements:

Companies like Stripe, Twillio and Atlassian are incredibly successful because they’ve adopted a self-service, developer-led approach in the Internet world. We’re following their lead by bringing that same approach to the telecoms world. Your developers can get started right away, simply by signing up to a free account on our developer portal. They simply select from the various use cases available, to get access to the documentation, worked examples, and clear guidance on how to the build the necessary APIs in your OSS/BSS stack. Once built, that API implementation is then tested automatically using the same developer portal.

You don’t sign up commercially until you’re happy the solution is right for you.

We believe we’ve made it as easy and economical as it can be for any carrier to get set up with entitlements.

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Scalability, Security and Privacy

Running on AWS (Amazon Web Services), our solution takes care of the scalability, security, and privacy you need to have the perfect Entitlements solution.

Whether you have 100 or 100 million devices, we are ready for your network and device traffic. 

You’ll want to be confident that our solution is able to handle all the traffic from your customers’ devices. And of course, that’s one of major benefits of a cloud-hosted service on AWS with built in Geo-redundancy and Disaster Recovery.

Our solution runs on AWS, which means we are easily able to scale service as required to support all our customers, no matter where they are in the world.

We are always diligently working to ensure that we comply with the most stringent regulations from regulators around the world such as GDPR and the UK’s Telecommunications (Security) Act 2021 and more.

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Success-Based Pricing, Zero Transaction Commitment

Transparent, Clear, Honest, Success-Based Pricing.

No Capex, No hidden costs, No Transaction Commitments. A new approach to the way your Entitlements are billed.

Adopting a PaaS-based approach to entitlements already reduces the costs of providing service dramatically.

That alone would have been enough, but we’ve gone a lot further – we’ve set out to dismantle the risk to you by putting in place a success based pricing model. You only pay either a simple monthly for baseline services or a small transaction fee when an event takes places that adds value to one of your customers…

There’s no transaction commitments or contract terms for the service at all.

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Why you should sign-up? (2 minute video)

Getting started is a click, getting deployed is just a few more.  Watch the video to understand more.


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