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NetLync announces the expansion of access and features for Entitlements-as-a-Service for Android

NetLync redefines digitalisation for wireless carriers globally with a new era in Entitlements-as-a-Service (EaaS), bringing its revolutionary services to Android alongside iOS.


[Dublin, Ireland, March 13, 2024] – NetLync redefines digitalisation for wireless carriers globally with a new era in Entitlements-as-a-Service (EaaS), bringing its revolutionary services to Android alongside iOS

We empower wireless carriers, including MVNOs of all sizes worldwide, to elevate customer experiences on Android devices, seamlessly incorporating the GSMA TS.43 Entitlements Specification. 

Simplifying Entitlements for Carriers: A Commitment to Efficiency and Accessibility

Addressing the complex challenges carriers face with Entitlements, we pledge to streamline this process. NetLync’s EaaS will constantly integrate the latest use cases, ensuring new Android features are accessible and efficient to support Android product roadmap. This solution is set to drastically reduce effort and time for select carriers partners in enabling Entitlements, offering Android users an unparalleled experience across carriers of any size.


Revolutionising the Entitlements Landscape: NetLync's Pioneering Approach

We have been at the forefront of transforming Entitlements technology, eliminating the need for disparate solutions for Android and iOS. Carriers now have access to a cost-effective, unified Entitlements solution that integrates swiftly – in as little as four weeksusing a carrier's internal IT resources.


Enhancing eSIM Experience: Seamless Transfers and Compliance with Global Standards

EaaS now facilitates eSIM device transfers, allowing customers to effortlessly migrate their mobile subscriptions to new devices. This feature is available on both Android and iOS platforms, requiring just a few clicks in the setup wizard. The solution adheres to the TS.43 global standards set by GSMA, removing the need for additional apps, website logins, or customer service interventions. EaaS also guarantees smooth eSIM activation on smartwatches and Wear OS devices, ensuring secure and seamless eSIM functionality for carriers worldwide. 

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EaaS is a catalyst for transformation in the wireless industry. Beyond simplifying technology, we are redefining the way carriers deliver services. We ensure that carriers, regardless of their size, have access to the most advanced and efficient tools to enhance user experience. Our Android expansion is set to accelerate eSIM adoption, reinforcing our promise to offer seamless, cost-effective solutions to carriers worldwide

said Emir Aboulhosn, CEO, and Co-Founder.


NetLync's EaaS is available to all MNOs and MVNOs worldwide through AirOn360® ES. Register your interest with Giesecke+Devrient, at


About NetLync

NetLync, led by a dedicated team of telecom industry experts, collaborates closely with OEMs, successfully launching global software solutions that have reached millions worldwide. Headquartered in Dublin, with offices in London and Vancouver, NetLync addresses challenges faced by carriers and OEMs, preparing for the upcoming era of digital acquisition and onboarding.

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