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From Expert to Extraordinary: An Inside Look into Backend Development at NetLync

Teresa Fedullo, Head of Customer Success at NetLync, she will shed light on our Entitlements-as-a-Service solution and how it differentiates from others in the market. She will also share insights on the seamless sign-up process, quick implementation timeline, and the ongoing support and training available for wireless carriers.


In this episode of Coffee With Colin, NetLync's Senior Software Developer, Igor Rumiha, dives deep into the ever-evolving world of telecommunications. With his extensive experience in the Telecoms industry and leading the development team in the R&D department, he lights on how the landscape has transformed over the years.

Get ready for an enlightening conversation as we unravel the secrets behind NetLync's ability to adapt to change and thrive in the dynamic realm of Telecoms.


With your extensive experience in the telecoms industry, seeing it come from the prehistoric age all the way up to what NetLync brings to the table today. Can you tell us a little bit more in terms of how we are evolving the whole telecom industry?


Igor Rumiha: The most important change I'm observing is the shift from on-premise to the cloud. While the IT industry has already embraced this shift for over a decade, the telecom industry has been slower in adopting new technologies cautiously. However, this transition is currently taking place. In recent years, telecom companies have started embracing cloud services, and NetLync is one such service that they will find useful. At NetLync, our primary advantage is providing a unified interface. This allows telcos to quickly onboard and incorporate their valuable feedback to enhance our product. As a result, users enjoy a smoother experience, and we can promptly introduce new features, like supporting the upcoming generation of devices that utilise eSIM chips instead of SIM cards.


In your experience, what are some effective approaches to problem-solving in backend development? Are there any specific methodologies or tools you find particularly useful?


IR: In my experience, it's more of an art than a science. To tackle challenges effectively, I rely on two key qualities: persistence and patience. Sometimes, the obstacles I face can be quite complex and the internet doesn't always offer simple solutions. In such cases, I have to be patient and persistent, carefully navigating the system, understanding its behaviour, and identifying the root cause of the problem. I draw upon my past experiences to determine the most suitable approach for each situation.


As someone who enjoys trying out new things, how do you stay updated with the latest advancements in backend development and incorporate them into your daily work at NetLync?


IR: To stay updated, I rely on a few methods. Firstly, I listen to industry podcasts, which provide valuable insights. Additionally, I subscribe to various book services and make time for reading. However, the most beneficial approach in the developer world is gaining hands-on experience. I enjoy building small demo projects for personal enjoyment. These projects allow me to gain the necessary familiarity with new technologies and approaches. When the need arises in my primary work, I am well-prepared to jump in with fresh ideas.


NetLync offers a cloud-based Entitlements platform for developers to register and build, and launch within 4-8 weeks. Interested in arranging a demo call with us? Please contact us here.