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Now available for all MNOs and MVNOs worldwide

Drive the best customer experience through our revolutionary PaaS-based Entitlements solution, which gets you up and running within weeks, and all at little cost! 

NetLync has announced its partnership with Giesecke+Devrient.

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Why Carriers Need

Entitlements-as-a-Service (EaaS)

EaaS enables MNOs and MVNOs to seamless provisioning and on-going management of services on both iOS and Android devices. With EaaS, all of these challenges are solved:

why entitlements?

Supports iOS and Android OS

NetLync’s solution supports all the entitlement use cases you need; including Baseline, Phone Number Registration, VoLTE, VoWiFi, Wearables and eSIM Transfer. We ensure that use cases are always up to date as they are released by the OEMs.

Supported Entitlement Features:

Five Reasons NetLync is Different


Ready for New Use Cases

NetLync’s EaaS was built with extensibility at its heart. 

As new use cases are introduced by the OEMs, they automatically appear on the Developer Portal, so that your developers can immediately start implementing.

Entitlements have proven successful in enhancing customer experiences, prompting OEMs to expand their use cases for new services and devices. Apple’s recent addition of eSIM Quick Transfer is a prime example of this.

Traditional ES solutions face challenges in accommodating new use cases due to significant time and cost investments required for each project setup.

EaaS resolves this by integrating use case extensibility into the core platform. When new use cases arise, we seamlessly incorporate them, eliminating additional costs or actions required from carrier customers. Furthermore, we optimise APIs for maximum reusability, streamlining the launch of new use cases.

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Fast Deployment

Our Platform as a Service (PaaS) approach makes it as fast and as easy as possible for carriers to get up and running.

Most customers launch Entitlements within 4-6 weeks.

We've achieved this by revolutionising the traditional deployment approach with a streamlined Entitlements as a Service (EaaS) model.

Our cloud-based ES platform is already operational, catering to many carriers globally. This significantly cuts down carrier onboarding time and complexity, meaning rapid service deployment. 

Our Early Access carriers have typically launched Entitlements in as little as 4 weeks using just 3 in-house developers.

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Self-service, Developer-led

Our self-service, developer-led approach to Entitlements empowers your developers to start onboarding immediately, working at their own pace. 

Our onboarding process was specifically designed by developers for developers.

We’ve introduced a very important evolution to Entitlements:

This transformation in Entitlements has been inspired by the success stories of industry leaders like Stripe, Twilio, and Atlassian. These companies have thrived on a self-service, developer-led model in the digital realm, and we've emulated this approach within the telecom sector.

Your developers can initiate the Entitlements journey by registering for a free account on our Developer Portal, where they can select from a range of available use cases. They'll have access to comprehensive documentation, practical examples, and clear instructions for integrating APIs into your OSS/BSS stack.

Our Developer Portal automates API implementation testing, simplifying the process of error identification.

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Scalability, Security and Privacy

Running on AWS (Amazon Web Services), EaaS takes care of the scalability, security, and privacy you need to have the perfect Entitlements solution.

Whether you have 100 or 100 million devices, we are ready for your network and device traffic. 

You’ll want to be confident that any capability you purchase is able to manage all customer device traffic as you grow without any problems.

A cloud-hosted service on AWS intrinsically provides high availability and performance, plus built in Geo-redundancy and Disaster Recovery.

Running on AWS enables us to effortlessly scale services to meet the needs of carriers of all sizes worldwide. Our commitment extends to rigorous compliance with global regulatory standards, including GDPR, the UK's Telecommunications (Security) Act 2021, and more.

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Success-Based Pricing, Zero Transaction Commitment

You commit commercially only when satisfied with our solution.

No Capex, No hidden costs. No Transaction Commitments. A brand-new approach to the way Entitlement Server is billed.

Adopting a PaaS-based approach to Entitlements already reduces the costs of providing service dramatically.

Taking it a step further, we've implemented a success-based pricing model, offering a simple monthly fee for baseline services, together with a small transaction fee where an event takes places that adds value to one of your customers. For example, transferring a customer’s eSIM during a device upgrade.

No transaction commitments or contractual terms are imposed on the service. we’ve made it as easy and economical as it can be for any carrier to get set up with Entitlements.

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