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NetLync Further Expands Device Support for Cellular iPad with EaaS®

NetLync has added iPad to its Entitlements-as-a-Service, allowing carriers to support all cellular iPads, enabling seamless connection to the same network as primary devices and subscription transfers without QR codes. Available now, carriers with OEM agreements can quickly integrate this feature alongside Apple Watch through EaaS.


[Dublin, Ireland. June 4th, 2024] NetLync proudly announces the addition of the iPad Entitlement use case to its Entitlements-as-a-Service® (EaaS®). This new feature complements the existing capabilities, including eSIM Quick Transfer, Apple Watch, 5G, VoLTE, VoWiFi, and more.


With this enhancement, wireless carriers worldwide can now support all eSIM-enabled cellular iPads. Customers can seamlessly connect their iPads to the same network as their primary devices under a single account. The new iPad transfer capability allows customers to migrate their subscriptions from one iPad to another without QR code scanning, ensuring smooth and convenient data migration anytime and anywhere when upgrading to a new model.

The launch of Cellular iPad Entitlements, alongside Apple Watch support, has demonstrated increased customer retention and Average Revenue Per User (ARPU). This enhancement provides global carriers with a competitive edge by offering comprehensive support across various companion devices, attracting more subscribers and driving higher subscription rates.

Starting today, carriers with an OEM partner agreement can access iPad Entitlements through NetLync's EaaS®. Our platform enables the deployment of Apple Watch and iPad through a single integration. Carriers already using EaaS® for Apple Watch can launch iPad within days, while new carriers can deploy all use cases within a few short weeks.


NetLync is the world's only company that exclusively develops and delivers Entitlement services. As the pioneer in transforming Entitlements into a service, NetLync has changed the commercial model to become purely OPEX-based with a no-risk approach,

said Emir Aboulhosn, CEO, and Co-Founder.


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About NetLync

NetLync, led by a dedicated team of telecom industry experts, collaborates closely with OEMs, successfully launching Entitlement-as-a-Service® that get MNOs and MVNOs up and running with enhanced cellular features at little cost. Headquartered in Dublin, with offices in London and Vancouver, NetLync addresses challenges faced by carriers and OEMs, preparing for the upcoming era of digital acquisition and onboarding. 

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