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UNITE Platform

White-Label eSIM App

Launch a branded eSIM mobile app and open up new revenue streams targeted at international travellers, prepaid markets, and more. For iOS and Android.

A branded eSIM carrier app

Easily launch a branded app to sell eSIM plans on iOS and Android devices. Our off-the-shelf white-label eSIM app includes everything you need to create a digital experience, whether you're launching a carrier app for your subscribers, or a marketplace app for travellers.

Define your product catalogue

Easily manage your eSIM plans and product catalogue through our UNITE Web Portal. Define your plan bundles and pricing. Import batches of eSIM Profiles from your carrier partners. Allocate Profiles to your Sales Channels and Outlets, including your eSIM app. Everything can be controlled by your team, anytime, anywhere.

Define your product catalogue
Many ways to pay

Configure your app to accept payments using widely accepted credit cards like Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Or enable payments using mobile wallets like PayPal, Google Pay, and Apple Pay. 

Customer Onboarding

Enroll customers directly into your CRM or with third-party Sign In services like Google, Apple and Facebook Sign In. Our app is also eKYC ready so you can capture and verify customer identities while complying with local KYC regulations.

Our eSIM app is eKYC ready
Seamless eSIM activation process
Seamless Activation

With our white-label app solution, your subscribers can download and install eSIMs without any QR codes or activation codes. It's not magic. That's just part of the digital experience.

Any Language

Go global and localize your app into multiple languages to reach a wider audience. English is the default, but our platform supports non-Latin or character-based languages. Opa!

Any Language
Any Branding

Customize your app's look and feel to match your brand and deliver a digital experience through eSIM that will impress your customers worldwide. Or launch a new brand to address new markets with a digital-first strategy.

Top up flexibility

Let your customers top up their eSIM plan. We’ve integrated with the industry’s leading top up vendors so subscribers can stay connected and you can maximize revenues.

Many ways to pay




Comprehensive API library for easy integration with your UI, or use our lightweight SDK to add eSIM to your existing app.

iOS and Android compatible

A seamless and consistent experience for the world’s leading eSIM-enabled device operating systems - iOS and Android.

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