UNITE Platform

White-Label eSIM App

Launch a branded eSIM mobile app and open up new revenue streams targeted at international travellers, prepaid markets, and more. For iOS and Android.

A branded eSIM experience

Launch a branded eSIM app for your existing brand or create a new digital-only brand specifically targeting eSIM markets.

Define your product catalogue

Easily manage your eSIM app’s plans and entire product catalogue through our secure web portal.

Many ways to pay

Give your customers multiple ways to pay. Select from our pre-integrated payment providers and easily manage billing for your prepaid offers.

Top up flexibility

Let your customers top up their eSIM plan. We’ve integrated with the industry’s leading top up vendors so subscribers can stay connected and you can maximize revenues.




Comprehensive API library for easy integration with your UI, or use our lightweight SDK to add eSIM to your existing app.

iOS and Android compatible

A seamless and consistent experience for the world’s leading eSIM-enabled device operating systems - iOS and Android.


Which steps does your eSIM app handle?

The UNITE Platform can power the entire user journey when it comes to eSIM. This includes digital customer onboarding with optional eKYC (electronic Know-Your-Customer) for regulated markets, plan selection, payment processing, eSIM activation and provisioning, eSIM Profile preparation and download to the device, top up billing, and more.

Can UNITE create an iPhone and Android eSIM app?

Yes. Our approach to mobile apps leverages the flexibility of PWAs (Progressive Web Apps) to create apps that run seamlessly and uniformly across all mobile platforms (iOS and Android) and devices (mobile, tablet, desktop). Through the UNITE Platform and portal, clients can manage their product catalogue and digitally distribute eSIM-based offers to all customers regardless of which operating system or device they are using.

Does UNITE work with my existing eSIM iPhone app?

Absolutely. Our extensive API library means that you are able to integrate the eSIM functionality of the UNITE Platform into your existing carrier app. This effectively allows you to add an eSIM store into your app, making the app more appealing to your existing subscribers who already have eSIM-capable devices, or attract new customers with these devices.

What is the Google SIM/eSIM Manager app?

The Google SIM/eSIM Manager app is for Android devices only and allows Android users to download and manage operator profiles. This app is not required for all Android-based phones and iOS devices already have this functionality embedded in the operating system.

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