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UNITE in Connectivity

The wireless industry has experienced more transformation in the last 10 years than in the previous 50. And the next 5 years will change even faster – staring with 5G, IoT, Private Networks, AI, Cloud-Based Infrastructure, Edge Computing, and of course my personal favourite… eSIM.

But today’s reality is the customer experience for activating and managing wireless service is less than ideal and going digital is still an enigma to many mobile operators large and small. And with COVID-19 many of the same operators are only starting to discuss having a genuine digital strategy.

This brings me to my latest venture where I have the opportunity to combine my passions for connectivity, eSIM, and digital customer experiences that bring new services and solutions to the wireless industry.

Today we launched NetLync, a customer-obsessed company whose goal is to elevate the digital customer journey for the wireless industry with solutions that increase revenue, reduce churn, and create happier customers. It’s an ambitious goal being driven by ambitious and passionate experts. NetLync is focused solving our customers’ pain points and not being bogged down by market or competitor dynamics.

NetLync’s roots come from a great company, Sim Local, who transformed the wireless retail experience for travelers who were in search of reliable, local connectivity when going abroad. NetLync is building on their digital retail platform, UNITE, and making it available for wireless operators of all sizes to move forward with their overdue digital distribution strategy.

Our UNITE Platform is focused on eSIM because I believe that eSIM goes well beyond just replacing the SIM card. eSIM has the power to make connectivity more accessible and connect all our devices seamlessly. And now more than ever, exceptional wireless service is no longer measured in just speed, but the ease with which one can connect their smartphones, wearables, cars, security devices, appliances, businesses and most of all, family.

At NetLync we are not just helping wireless operators to support eSIM. We are striving to help them continuously improve their customer journey to create exceptional digital experiences that will become the benchmark for wireless subscribers everywhere.

“Change is easy. Improvement is far more difficult.” - Ferdinand Porsche
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