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eSIM Distribution Channels

Leverage UNITE to distribute your eSIM offers to both retail and digital partners, and expand into new global markets.

Digital distribution into new and existing channels
Digital distribution into new and existing channels

UNITE doesn’t just manage eSIM profiles. It helps distribute your eSIM offers into retail and digital channels, reaching new audiences and markets worldwide.

Wireless retail

Add eSIM to either branded or third-party wireless retail stores by selling a physical QR code voucher or placing codes directly on customers’ receipts through our PoS API integration.

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Kiosks and vending machines
Unlock new partnership opportunities
Unlock new partnership opportunities

With UNITE and its eSIM distribution APIs, take your offers to your existing partners or forge new partnerships in new channels.

Kiosks and vending machines

Commonly found at airports and points-of-interest for travellers, kiosks and vending machines are ideal for eSIM offers and capturing new revenue streams


Who manages the product catalogue?

Our clients are able to add and edit their entire product catalogue through the UNITE Platform web portal. eSIM-based offers and plans can be configured and presented to customers through a front-end interface such as the operator's mobile app or website.

How can I track channel performance?

The UNITE Platform provides detailed reporting for clients and the ability to monitor performance of eSIMs being activated through multiple sales channels, countries, outlets, and locations. Clients have the ability to define their own sales channel and outlets, and can use the UNITE portal to generate and download reports for sharing and analysis.

How are top ups handled?

The UNITE Platform allows clients to configure top up capability for each one of their plans in the product catalogue, and to specify a preferred top up vendor for their offers. NetLync is already pre-integrated with some of the industry-leading top up vendors which means faster time-to-market and flexibility for your subscribers.

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